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The secret of the breath


Spiritual Breathing Therapy


Experience the new primordial wisdom, the new primordial belief and the the matrix of all religions.

The forgotten three great remedies: breath, sound and intention can be experience and used by everyone.

The power of breathing

"Then the Lord God made man of earth from the field, and breathed into him the breath of life. And so man became a living being."

1.Moses 1.2


Sound of Shells is a call for us to discover our connection to ourselves and to Creation. Hunger, war and destruction of the environment are all consequences of separation. Love, compassion and peace are brought to life by being connected to ourselves and to Creation.

The sound of the conch trumpet was used thousands of years ago – for communication and the transmission of messages over long distances, as well as for the sacred call to prayer during ceremonies. As a natural instrument, it amplifies vibrations in its own, individual way. Each shell sounds different in pitch and tone. Information on Creation itself, and the water, from which all life on earth arose, resonates in every tone. Sound vibrates matter. This is why music touches us. We move back and forth to it and our whole body resonates with each sound. The sound of seashells has an effect on the body, on our feelings and on perception, because it also resonates with us.

This is where the unique Sound of Shells method begins, which is an impetus for your desired change process, supported by breathing and the sound of the seashell.

Breath, sound and intention are the building blocks of change and self-healing. The breath connects body, mind and soul.

Feedback from those who have participated in this process ranges from states of relaxation and deep peace, to spiritual experiences. The whole of Creation is vibration, and you will have the opportunity to experience that vibration, to feel and perceive your true origin.

Passing on my experience and knowledge, in addition to bringing about sustainable and healing transformation processes, for and with people, are all existential and elementary needs for me, as is bringing joy and ease to life through my work