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Travel for Good and Learn Something New

Transform yourself.

We host a variety of events, spanning everything from spiritual retreats to educational courses, and music concerts to community workshops.
Our space is one for sanctuary, refuge, growth, and reflection — so we implore you to keep an eye on our timetable for upcoming events.


Upcoming Events and More!

Maasai Village Retreat 

A 7- day immersive retreat in rural Kenya | June 07 - 14 June, 2024 


*****This is a charitable retreat in that significant of retreat costs go back to  the Maasai community*****

IMG_7139 Kopie.jpeg

Encounter life’s basic needs through this immersive week in the Maasai village. Connect authentically with the Maasai culture while aligning yourself within a rural life experience alongside an intimate group of other adventure and spiritual seekers. Get out of your comfort zone and celebrate with intention. Come as you are — with an open mind, full of curiosity and presence, bearing a current challenge or intention.


Leave as you are meant to be. Transformed.


This will be a life-shifting experience. You’ll get to explore and learn what it means to live sustainably, in a safe space held by the community and guided by experts — through daily eye-opening and breathtaking excursions.

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