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Water for the Maasai


THE MAASAI ARE FIGHTING FOR THEIR SURVIVAL. The impact of climate change causes a drought.

The rainy season has failed again. Even from last year there was almost no rain. With our last fundraising campaign, we were able to help the Maasai finance short-term access to drinking water for humans and animals. We planing to build a well for the Maasai community. This would be the second well in this large district and would provide politically independent access to drinking water for the indigenous people and their animals. But building a well costs around EUR 80,000 in total and takes a while.

Until then, we can help the Maasai community with the following concrete measures through donations:​

1. Construction of a solar-powered elephant protection fence

2. Diesel powered water pump repair and maintenance

3. Diesel purchase for 4 months

4. Purchase and installation of a solar powered water pump ​


As soon as these short-term measures alleviate the worst need, we can use everything that goes beyond the donations to build the well. In this way, access to drinking water for the Maasai is secured in the medium and long term. Please donate what you can and want to give - any amount helps. And support our campaign by sharing it in your network. Thank you for your compassion and support!



Caroline Ntanin (16) is supposed to save her family from famine through marriage. The on-going drought in Kenya has led to a never-seen-before famine amongst the Maasai community. Caroline's family has been poor before, now they are fighting the famine... and the dowry of her marriage is supposed to help feed the family. But the courageous 16-year-old does not want to get married now. She wants to finish her school and then go to Highschool. She knows that education is the best way out of poverty. So she seeks help from Maasai leader and elder Ezekiel Ole Katato. Ezekiel brought her to a children's home in Kajiado. But they had to reject her, because of the drought and famine. We have put up a donation fund for Caroline. Please support us in helping her to go to highschool! 

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